Security Operations Center as a Service

FusionOne SOC as a Service

FusionOne’s SOCaaS offering is aimed at organizations that use Microsoft 365 cloud services. The SOC is based on Microsoft Sentinel and Microsoft Defender 365 as core elements and is connected directly to the customer’s existing Microsoft 365 environment.

A cloud-native SOC as a managed service at fixed monthly rates.


All security-relevant signals from your IT environment are continuously captured and monitored in Microsoft Sentinel.


Sophisticated analysis rules, artificial intelligence and machine learning are used to detect any security incidents.


Security incidents are investigated and evaluated by our experienced security analysts team and, if necessary, further measures are initiated.


In the event of a serious security incident, we will alert you with all the information regarding the incident and what triggered it.


Depending on the SOCaaS service plan selected, the incident response is carried out by you or your IT department itself, or with the support of our SOC team and Redguard's CSIRT.


With the online dashboard for ongoing viewing and monthly reports, you receive comprehensive information on your current security posture.

With SOC as a Service from FusionOne, you can supplement and increase your cyber security with an additional layer of protection.
The security experts from FusionOne and Redguard are watching out for you.

A SOC as additional layer of protection
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